Albert Zuger found blacksmithing and metalworking after moving to Kansas at 15.  He left Kansas for Brooklyn at 18, driving his 1950 Ford F3 straight to the Pratt Institute parking lot.  Zuger trained as a sculptor at Pratt, spending endless nights in the metal shop honing the skills and techniques that define his approach.

Albert sees his jewelry as wearable sculpture.  Each piece is hand-crafted and connects metal and man.  First, between the artist and the material  and second between the wearer's body and the finished piece.

Zuger takes a great deal of inspiration from antiquity.  At once bold and enchanting, his pieces would be at home on the bodies of ancient Etruscans, Scythians, and on the kings of Gaul.

Albert Zuger Fine Jewelry is timeless.

Fine jewelry ... roughly hewn.